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Brainstorm in Education

Advanced content presentation to create a new learning model

While no one underestimates the importance of Education, the ever-changing face of society and the arrival of new technologies increasingly affecting the way Educational Institutions, teachers, students and other stakeholders approach the learning process. Motivating students in a world where information is available on a computer screen, or a mobile phone instead of an Encyclopaedia or a public library requires to rethink the way teachers interact with students and how they present their subjects.

Students currently have open and continuous access to technology to retrieve information, but also to interact with other people, access new ideas, open discussions and also to take control of their learning. Being able to gain their attention using the tools they are using daily and providing a more attractive, interactive, impacting content and information is certainly a challenge for teachers and Educational Institutions.

Brainstorm’s experience in the educational sector is focused on approaching virtual studio techniques and graphic technologies to the students. Our approach is to bring our technology as an innovative tool for a powerful immersive teaching in elementary schools, high schools and universities.

Improving knowledge retention and student implication

Using real-time 3D Graphics and Augmented Reality allows educational professionals to easily explain concepts that typically have been difficult to understand by students, in a simple, visual and practical manner. These concepts may be found in subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and other disciplines with complex formulae and theories. With this in mind and in a blended and collaborative learning process, virtualisation is essential for a better understanding. Concepts difficult to explain by traditional teaching methods, text books and associated resources, will now be easily grasped thanks to the visual impact of real-time interaction with 3D graphics, animations, images and other elements combined with real-time video feeds, and all within a virtual environment.

This is where Brainstorm, a technology company with extensive experience in developing and delivering advanced Augmented Reality and 3D content creation solutions, can help to change the game and create a brand new learning model, favouring student’s implication and knowledge retention. Brainstorm enjoys more than 20 years of experience in the development of virtual studios and real-time 3D graphics and Augmented Reality applications, used daily by broadcasters all over the world.

Some universities that have resorted to Brainstorm’s technology are San Pablo CEU, the University of Santiago de Compostela USC and the University of California. Brainstorm continues in its commitment to supporting the educational sector and will enter into new agreements with other centres of learning in the near future.

Brainstorm is also implicated in European R&D Projects, and one of the turnovers of further developing this engagement is the creation of EdISON, a template-based, easy-to-use application that allows teachers to transform the learning process. It is giant leap forward in the evolution of teaching methods, the perfect solution for educational institutions seeking to be at the leading edge of innovation.

New learning model

Thanks to Edison, the academic world approaches the infinite possibilities of the virtual and augmented reality world. It has been developed to help all the players within the learning process, teachers as well as students. Edison is the perfect fit for educational institutions or editorial companies thriving to improve the learning process.

Edison a new and easy-to-use application that enhances and transforms the learning process. It is a highly innovative and technologically advanced system which allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics within a virtual environment. In doing so, it enhances the impact and effectiveness of educational tools through the adoption of the latest technologies used in television.

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