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Welcome to the future of Education
Brainstorm’s Edison is a brand new learning model, an innovative, template-based system that seeks to create a new educational experience through Augmented Reality and virtual environments, allowing teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics. Brainstorm’s Edison democratises the Augmented Reality for Educational purposes as it based on easy-to-use predefined templates. These can be acquired on the Brainstorm Store or designed specifically for a given educational content, allowing for the customisation of the features, and providing hassle-free operation for the user. Thanks to Edison, the academic world approaches the infinite possibilities of the virtual and augmented reality world. It has been developed to help all the players within the learning process: teachers as well as students. Brainstorm’s Edison is the perfect fit for educational institutions or editorial companies thriving to improve the learning process.

Why Edison

Brainstorm’s Edison helps teachers to achieve a much greater impact on their students, enhancing the learning process.

It is a highly innovative and technologically advanced system which allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics within a virtual environment, enhancing the impact and effectiveness of educational tools.

Edison is the result of applying to Education the more than 20 years of experience Brainstorm enjoys in the development of Virtual Studios and Real-Time 3D Graphics applications, used daily by broadcasters all over the world.

Improved learning experience

Edison is the answer for all those in the academic world who want to improve their teaching methods and capabilities to provide a more dynamic, interesting and engaging learning experience for their students. As an intuitive and easy-to-use application, Edison offers multiple possibilities for virtual and augmented reality applications which can be used in the learning environment. Edison provides advanced Augmented Reality tools where teachers can immerse themselves in a customizable virtual environment, and add their own lessons, 3D objects, quizzes and much more.
This makes Edison a perfect solution for those educational institutions seeking to implement immersive teaching, flipped classes or hands-on learning techniques. It offers an interactive toolset as an aid to all those involved in the learning process, teachers and students alike. Edison completely changes the game for MOOC preparation and delivery, immersive education or flipped classroom applications. It is a highly innovative and technologically advanced system which allows teachers and students to interact with real-time 3D graphics within a virtual environment. In doing so, it enhances the impact and effectiveness of educational tools through the adoption of the latest technologies used in television.

The Edison concept

Introducción a Edison (Webinar, Español)

Introduction to Edison (Webinar, English)

How Edison works

Edison provides advanced Augmented Reality tools where teachers can immerse themselves in a customizable virtual environment, and add their own lessons, 3D objects, quizzes and much more. Based on editable templates, Edison can be further customized using additional assets such as scenes, furniture, desks, displays, etc., available at the Brainstorm Store.

Open an EdISON template

Select a scene or background

Add presentations and assets

Give the lesson

Easy to use

Edison can playout different templates, from simple animated graphics to advanced virtual sets with augmented reality object interaction, providing the customized template allows it. Once a template is loaded, Edison will insert the teacher, captured from the laptop’s camera, inside the Augmented Reality scene, which can be customized using the different assets (scenes, desks, displays…). The teacher can import PDF or PPT presentations, or directly create the presentation using Edison templates, and bring in 3D objects to enhance the lesson. Edison can import most common 3D formats including .fbx or .obj., plus virtually any image or movie format.

Easy to install

To install, set up and operate Edison is simple and straightforward. All that is required it’s a laptop with a camera such as Intel® RealSense™. Teachers can also use a green or blue screen and a standard camera to achieve more professional results using Edison’s internal chroma keyer. The output can be displayed using a projector, a large screen or even an interactive whiteboard, which can also be used to drive Edison’s templates.

Template-based system

Brainstorm’s Edison is based on editable templates, which can be further customized using the assets available online. These assets can be scenes to customize the background, furniture such as desks and displays or different templates for displaying the slides required for the lesson. Additionally, other assets in the form of animatable 3D objects can be used to enhance the lesson.

Gesture-based interaction

Edison supports interactive gesture management triggering actions via the automatic identification of the gestures (bare hand movements) and interacting with the augmented reality objects in the virtual environment. Gestures turn object interaction and event triggering a straight-forward task, so teachers can follow a natural behaviour while in class.

Augmented Reality made simple

Teachers can easily explain concepts that typically have been difficult to understand by students, in a simple, visual and practical manner, while attracting the student’s full attention. Brainstorm Edison provides state-of-the-art real-time 3D graphics with real-time Augmented Reality object interaction, remote placement of speakers or animated data-driven graphics.

Turnkey system

Edison is provided as a complete system, consisting on an HP Omnium Laptop with an integrated Intel RealSense camera, and the Edison software license. This allows to start using the system as it comes out of the box, without any further configuration.

Edison recommended configuration

HP Omen 17 w101nsFHD

  • Windows 10
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ processor
  • IPS Screen (17,3″) WLED, Full HD
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060 6GB Graphics card
  • 2x hard drives: 1TB SATA + SSD 256 GB
  • 16 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Intel® RealSense™ SR300 based webcam

The above table of recommendations showcases standard certified configurations for Brainstorm products. While customers may attempt to use their own workstations for operating Brainstorm’s software, as we are flexible as far as hardware is concerned, it is advisable that our quality department certifies them first. Failure to follow this procedure may result in the software not working properly. Brainstorm does not take responsibility for system failures caused by the usage of uncertified workstations.


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